Thursday, August 27, 2009

Open letter to friends and acquaintences (by: Nani)

Mike and I are getting a divorce.

OK, now that we have your attention… that’s not the truth.

The truth is that we have been moving towards something together that is more an intentional lifestyle to us, rather than a forced one – that which many of you will not understand or rather, not want to understand for your own reasons because it affects your reality control panel. And that’s all good… or bad depending on your perspective. Please don’t project your fears our way, they’ll only bounce off our imaginary force field {light saber sound effect} :-p

To some of you, this will not affect your lives in any way, and we will become another one of those anecdotes shared over a few drinks about people you knew who set off on an adventure and dumped the rat race for a simpler life – maybe it’s something you’ve convinced yourself you could never do because of your situation or chosen lifestyle or your children. We understand – we were there once. It’s just that we’ve changed. Either way, you’ll have a good story… we hope it goes over well.

To the rest who support us in our latest development, regardless of any knee-jerk-selfish feelings, you know who we are and why this is not as easy nor as simple as just picking up and leaving. We have strong emotional ties to all of you in very extraordinary ways – you know who you are. It’s one of the reasons we’ve stuck it out this far… but not the only one. We are a complex unit. But not for the sake of our egos or social experimentation (Mira). For the sake of being honest about who we are and how we feel. That’s what creates the real comedy of life… how we honestly relate and share our experiences with others.

So to our evolution and education - living and breathing each other for as long as we’ve known you, and to the extent that we have experienced the real you and bonded to some degree – we thank you for every moment and hope to have more. This is not the end by far…

Over the years, we have come to realize that these increments of movement become more and more “painful” for us and those who care about us, and we express that through the grieving process. But life goes on and our bonds will always be there… besides, we’ll have Internet J.

Here are our plans thus far:
  • We are selling this house and all contents.
  • We are keeping our Internet company going.
  • We are moving to Vilcabamba, Ecuador.
  • We are taking Declan with us.
  • We are NOT getting a divorce.
  • We are NOT following a cult or starting a mission to save the world.

    More to come on this as I know some of you will have questions,

    Nani and Mike

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  1. I read this news, and I smiled from beginning to end :) I wish you happiness,joy, contentment, and most of all peace! It has been so wonderful-a gift really-reconnecting with you and getting to know your husband. You have always had a special place in my heart....
    Your light is shining so bright-your smile is infectious, and you are truly following what heart and soul know you need to do. May your path be enlightening, your journey safe, and your new life all that you hope and dream it to be. I look forward to being a long distance part of it-keep me will be in my thoughts and prayers always :)
    My heart is smiling, and I am so very for you all! I love you, Tin xoxo