Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things & Responsibility (by: Mike)

I sort of glossed over the "just sell it all" part of "Let's just sell it all and move to Ecuador" plan.  And probably for a good reason.  Selling almost the entire content of our 3,000 square foot house is a pain in the ass.  It is filled with things that we either brought here from our move from CA, or things that we have collected over the past 7+ years living here.

Everywhere I look are things or piles of things.  Each one of these things requires a certain amount of due process.  We're condensing 3,000 square feet into 6 suitcases of 50 lbs each and 3 carry on bags of 15 lbs. each.  Therefore each thing requires some thought.  Will we really need this in Ecuador?  (Do we really need it now or have we ever really needed it at all?)

It can be a bit overwhelming.  I was sitting at my computer the other day contemplating this challenge.  On my desk was a pen.  I like it because of the way it feels in my hand & the way that it writes.  I picked up the pen and twirled it around a few times.  Clicked it open, closed it, opened, closed it.  Set it down.  Picked it up.

I realized that all of these things mean responsibility.  Even a simple thing like a pen.  I own this pen and am therefore responsible for it.  Should I leave it on the desk or put it in the beer stein my friend gave me when he visited Germany that I use as a pen holder?  Should I leave it open or close it?  What happens if it runs out of ink?  Should I keep it at all or throw it away.  If I throw it away, should I recycle it?  Can I recycle it?  Maybe I should give it to a friend?  If so, who?

All of that responsibility for a simple pen.

Now consider all of the things that I own that require way more responsibility than a pen.  And multiply that times the 1,000's of things I own.  Holy crap, that's a lot of responsibility.  No wonder we feel burdened as if there is a weight upon our shoulders!

We've started to sort through these things and piles of things.  We've giving some to family & friends and have sold a few.  And, each time, I feel just a little bit lighter.  We're having a 2 day house moving sale this weekend.  Just imagine how much lighter I am going to feel after that.  Nice.

By the way.  I am keeping the pen.

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