Friday, November 20, 2009

Dr. No, I presume? No, it's SuperMaxi! Part II

Part Deux has to do with the gentleman I met at TVenta! He said he would be in Vilcabamba on Saturday, but as it turned out, he rang us up today around noon, when I was still in my PJ's.

Declan went down to answer the doorbell, Jenice was there, too. So, he climbs the staircase saying, "there's a doctor downstairs to see you, Mom!" just as I was snapping on some mammary support. Of course he's here today... were in Ecuador! Jenice looked a bit concerned, but I'm not sure if it was because it was obvious he was trying to sell us something or because I was still in my pajama bottoms and barefoot, ready to venture off with this guy. I assured her we had spoken (sort of) before and I was in no way "buying" anything: No tengo dinero!. She seemed comforted and went back upstairs, leaving me alone in the portico with Declan.

After inquiring after Declan's status as my only son here, we went round and round about what turned out to be his wanting me to come somewhere that he knows a translator... I sort of agreed, hesitantly, as I was walking out the front door, until I saw his truck and realized... um, I'm not getting into a vehicle with any kind of stranger, even a sweet older man.

And that's when I called up to our front room upstairs, "Mike, can you come with me and this guy down the road to see a translator?" Because really, how can one politely decline anything when our languages mosh rather than tango?

So, of course, my protector understood his role and came down to escort us. I told Dr. Mg. Se. Angel Isaac Valarezo Palacio that I wanted to walk instead of drive. I hope he didn't take offense. So, we walked down a few blocks, running into Lenin and saying hola to those we met. He was looking for the vegetarian restaurant owner who can speak some English, but he wasn't there. His sister said he was out of the country. Fortunately, there was a Malaysian couple there having lunch (which looked delicious) and overheard our need for a translator. They'd only been here for a year, but really love it and have picked up some Spanish. Her name is (damned we meet too many people) and his name is Kim.

After struggling some more on trying to understand what he was saying, Kim shot us a look like he could help, so we politely dragged him away from his lunch and lovely wife, and he helped us put the pieces together... he was trying to tell us that he understood that we weren't interested in buying anything, but that if we knew anyone (with either $140k, $1.1m or $1.25m ROTFLMAO) and interested in these properties to call Diana (number withheld) and let her know that he hooked us up.

So, there you have it. I Googled his name today and found out he's an (ex-?)professor at one of the Loja colleges and is trying to sell these properties to boost eco-tourism in Ecuador. What a sweet guy. I wish we could see the properties with the intent to purchase and run something like that, but here we are... just being day to day. No grandiose plans. No money. No real worries.

Anyone up for changing the world?

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