Sunday, September 27, 2009

Manifest Destiny (by: Mike)

I remember how I felt after watching "What The Bleep Do We Know!?" for the first time.  And the 2nd time, and the 3rd...One of the many thought provoking premises discussed is that we have the ability to manifest our own future.  Now that's quite a concept to wrap your mind around.  As my friend Spencer says once in a while "That's a real mind bender".  lol - I love that phrase.

"Mind Bending"

The movie backs up this premise with information from "fourteen top scientist and mystics".  There are physicists, neurologists, anesthesiologist, physicians, spiritual teachers, and a molecular biologist.  I have watched this movie about 10 times now and each time I still catch something new.  I still don't really understand much of the technical jargon.  But, I do "know" much of it.  You know how sometimes something just rings true?  That sort of knowing.

The "rational" part of me wonders how possible the concept is.  The ego part of me doesn't want me to get played by some fancy scientist talk.  Don't want to look stupid now.  (Like that line of thinking has saved me from looking like a fool in the past.)  And, the true conscious part of me just knows.

But, what if?  What if we really can create our own future by our intent.  After all how many people do you know whose identity is completely dependent upon their "bad luck".  They're always in a state of drama and can't wait to share their current "shit always happens to me" story.  And sure enough, bad things do seem to happen to them, at least that is all you hear about.  Are they creating their own grief?  And then there's the happy go lucky person who always seems to have nothing but good luck.

Maybe there's something to this.  Maybe we already have proof that it works right in front of us every day.  But we each choose to filter events that surround us in a manner that feeds us what we need, or more accurately, what we want.  Bear with me on this for a minute.

Just buy into the premise that we can, and do, create our own futures.  If that is true - and we just agreed that it is - then what kind of idiot would create a future that is not full of love, health, and abundance?  Let's say that we don't completely buy into the idea.  Maybe we're somewhere around 75%.  Still, what would we have to lose by trying it?  By believing it to be true.  Or, maybe we're at 51%.  Again, wouldn't we be crazy not to try living life for a while trying to manifest the future that we want?  There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!  The worst case scenario is that you have a better, more positive outlook on life, and that has to be a good thing.

One more thing to ponder in regards to this whole idea that we do manifest our own futures.  Consider a professional baseball player.  It's the 9th inning, his team is down by a run, there's a man on first, there are two outs, and he's on deck and about to hit.  While on deck he goes through a long ritual created over thousands of times at bat since he was in Little League.  Professional athletes take these little rituals very seriously (remember Nomar and his batting glove thing!).

He very clearly sees the pitcher winding up.  He watches the ball leave the pitcher's hand as it comes hurtling towards him in super slow motion.  He sees himself in the batter's box, perfect balance, he drowns out the crowd, all he can see is the ball coming towards him.  He starts his swing and clearly sees the ball contacting the bat.  He feels the ball shoot off of his bat.  He watches the ball leave the ball park for a walk off home run.

Now it is his turn to bat.  He is confident.  He is in the zone.  He knows what is going to happen already.  He steps up to the plate and everything that he envisioned as he was preparing to bat happens.  The crowd goes wild.  He circles the bases and arrives at home plate along with all his teammates to celebrate the victory.

Did he just create his own future?  Did he?  Are you conscientiously creating yours?

Nomar Garciaparra photo found here.
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