Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Serendipty #2 (by Nani)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This morning I woke to acoustic guitars and men singing beautifully with a passion reserved for the stars... as the roosters battled it out to own the morning - every daybreak in Vilcabamba.

The musica was a special addition because last night was Saturday and the revelrie was non-stop, though quiet and almost appropos. I believe they started singing around midnight or so and never really stopped until the sun came up. Their music became a part of my dreams and so I didn't even realize they were actually playing next door or down the street. It was so vibrant and part of the ambient cacaphony that it all made sense.

I smiled as I listened and lay there next to Mike. They seemed not to create a false note anywhere, and I wondered... how can they play guitar and sing for that long? Hours seemed to pass as I felt the dawn approach, so I ambled out of bed, only a bit chilled and wandered out to the living room where Dec wanted to sleep last night. I kissed his head and asked him if he heard the guys playing and he smiled.

I had wanted to see the sunrise since we've been here and had not yet risen early enough to do so... apparently by 7am the sun is over the mountains and quite full.

It's 6:10am, and I've been up for about an hour.

The sunrise was not as spectacular as I've seen on the coast where the sun comes in full blooming pinks, oranges and golds. Here is seems to just be - at least today. At about 5:40am there appeared a whisper of a pinkish hue in the clouds above the eastern mountains and it was beautiful. Mike and I stood up on the roof and tried to capture it on film, but there is no way to make that feeling and memory last beyond our own mental recording.

As the music waned and the roosters took over the soundscape, I get the sense that life here is about life. And life is about what you make of it.

So, I asked to see the sunrise, and I got it by being awakened by men playing music and singing this Sunday morning. And it made me smile. When was the last time we were all up by 6am? And happy...

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