Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shooting Star

Last night I had a bit of a dry throat and didn't want to keep Mike up... besides, I was curious to see when they turned off the power for conservation. By the time I went to to bed around 1am, it was still on, so who knows. Or who cares for that matter.

I went out onto the little balcony and just stared at the sky, partially wishing I had the knowledge of astronomers, but mainly just enjoying the view. Even with the light pollution from this massively powerful street lamp a couple of blocks away, el cielo seemed close enough to touch and so packed with stars it seemed more like a Snickers than a Milky Way. I mean, the last time I felt this way about the clarity and abundance of the constellations was in Lake Tahoe, years ago.

I saw 2 shooting stars so vividly that I felt like it was literally right before my eyes. Much around here makes me smile for no other reason than I sense a belonging that has nothing to do with a social network. It's almost ethereal and it's absolutely palpable. It just "is" and I am not looking for it to be otherwise.

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